Reading and Hearing - Introduction

When I started listening to the Bible via podcasts several years ago, the translation I used was the English Standard Version (ESV) and the voice on the podcast is a man named David Cochran Heath.  He has a deep fatherly tone and the sound of his voice rings pleasantly in my ears each time I read scripture.  I have much to thank him for, though in fact I have never met him.  I could say the same thing of other men and their podcasts, such as Al Mohler (The Briefing and Thinking in Public), Russell Moore (Signposts), John Piper and Tony Reinke (Ask Pastor John).  Each of these men have been a part of my daily routine for a number of years and I owe each of them a debt of gratitude. We each have many voices in our lives that we each come to find comfort in and to rely on.  They may be our pastors, our teachers, a parent or spouse. And the closer the person to our lives many times the more meaningful that voice is to us.

As much as I appreciate David Cochran Heath’s recording of the ESV Bible, about the second time through the Bible it occurred to me how affecting it would be if the voice I was listening to was someone I knew, for instance, my own father or a close friend.  I am a recording engineer and have access to good mics and a quiet room.  Why, I thought, should I not record the whole Bible myself?  It is a pretty big task for sure, but I can think of few gifts as valuable to my children and family as the sound of the Word of God read from the lips of their earthly father. Now here we are two years hence and I've come to the realization that it is time I took this task seriously. 

Talk is cheap as they say, so what better way to begin than to make this a public journey. Therefore, starting January 2017 it is our desire than you might join us on this incredible challenge and follow along with us as we explore God's word read aloud and heard with our own ears.  I now what I'm asking.  After all, I've got a full-time job, a wife, three kids, church, a recording studio and a schedule that is begging not to be stretched. But, I've come to realize this is important and it is my desire to leave for my children this gift. 

Recording and Hearing Podcast

As we begin the task of recording the Bible we will be documenting this journey with a weekly podcast titled Reading and Hearing.  Every couple of weeks we will post an overview of our efforts as well as our insights and experiences as God uses His Word in our lives.  We hope that you to might follow along with us, subscribe to the reading plan yourself, and experience the Bible read aloud yourself.  Then, reflect, pray and give witness to the power of God's word in your own life. Send us your own insights and stories. It is our hope to feature some of your own stories as the podcast gains traction. More information coming soon.

Recording and Hearing Resources

We will also be offering a resources page with articles and links to help you begin to listen to and record your own audio Bible.   Resources such as our favorites reading plans,  how to subscribe to audio bibles via podcast, recording tips and tricks, a pronunciation guide and information on our upcoming mobile app.

Reading and Hearing Recording App

Lastly, over the next year we will be developing an innovative mobile app to help you easily record, edit and share the Bible in your own voice. Instead of typing a verse to a friend on twitter or Facebook, imagine sharing instead a recording of your voice reading that same verse. Or perhaps you are a missionary oversees amongst a people group who doesn’t have a translation of the Bible yet.  You can use this app to record and organize your translation work verse by verse. The possibilities are many. It is our hope to make this process as simple in our app as Record, Edit, and Share.  More information to come.