Partnering with us, means all in.

When partnering with us, you are not getting just a subset of our skills.  Our desire is to support your creative work in full with all our assets, whether tracking your next album or developing your website.  Our desire is to support the Tallahassee community and beyond.  

Recording Services

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Production and Song Writing

At Sound of Cypress, we offer audio recording, mixing, mastering, production, ADR and song writing services. Our studio is capable of tracking rock bands, string quartets and even a big band. We can produce mixes in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Most important, the studio is a comfortable and inspiring environment to write and work in. Check out our Studio Page for a tour.

Graphic and Web Design


In addition to recording, we also offer print, web and IT consulting. The foundation of our work centers on a commitment to clear communication through visual design. We specialize on the Squarespace platform, where our web pages are responsive, web and touch friendly. Add to this in house album art, logo, and print design and we can provide all you need to release your next album.


song writing




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graphic design

print design

web design

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Swing Dancing


Michael and Rebecca - Dancing with your spouse only gets better with time.

We offer private lessons for both beginning and advanced dancers.  We also offer scene building workshops for those looking to create a solid foundation from which to development and grow their scene. 

Lessons start at $65/hour for one to four people.  A bundle of 5 lessons costs $250.  Larger groups can you our Get a Quote button above.


Dancer's We Love to Dance With

Rebecca Strickland and Nathan Bugh (one of the most musical leads you'll meet)

Rebecca Strickland and Nathan Bugh (one of the most musical leads you'll meet)

Michael Strickland and Virginie Jensen (one of my favorite followers of all time)